We offer unparalleled trial consulting services for every stage of litigation. From initial discovery through trial, we provide the additional support and expertise you need to prepare and present a compelling case.

Document Management

We manage all document requirements for the entire litigation process from e-discovery and chain of custody issues to data hosting and exhibit management.


  • Data collection
  • Preservation
  • Processing
  • Hosting

Document Management

  • OCRing
  • Bates labeling
  • Scanning

Chain of Custody

Impactful Presentations

Our case strategists take the initiative to learn the facts and core issues of your case to work hand in hand with you to create clear and effective multimedia presentations.


Evidence Presentation Equipment

  • Document Cameras/Elmos
  • Mixers/Multi-presenter Controls
  • Touchscreen Annotation Monitors
  • iPads
  • Loaner Realtime Laptops
  • Projectors and Screens
Industry Leading Consultants
Our trial consultants assist you in creating and presenting a compelling case story that will engage and persuade your audience.

We employ the nation's top technicians to synchronize video to transcripts and exhibits. Our technicians also work with you in court as you present each detail of your argument.

Industry Leading Consultants

  • Case Strategists
  • Hot Seat Technicians
  • Exhibit Presentation Experts
  • Presentation Equipment Specialists
  • Technical Network Experts
  • Graphic Design and PowerPoint Development

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