We guide the process with innovative technology, using real-time video capture and display, remote access with streaming transcription, proprietary picture-in-picture software, and more. Hartford Reporting secures that you capture the most compelling testimony to present your most persuasive case.

Our professional legal video experts utilize the best equipment and the most up to date technology for recording depositions, editing video content and providing standard MPEG 1 or synchronized digital video transcripts.


Our proprietary picture-in-picture software aligns witness video to presented evidence footage with unmatched clarity and allows for the simultaneous viewership of witness expression and exhibit materials.


Our memberships in both national and international networks allow us to secure video conferencing facilities anywhere in the world and ensure your video conferencing needs are met with one easy phone call.
Our video conferencing technology is the most efficient way to present evidence to witnesses across the globe, allowing participants at any location to view and annotate key evidence in real time.


Manages complex, multi-feed videoconferences

  • Global, real-time deposition participation
  • Participate from any WiFi enabled, camera-ready device
  • Low cost alternative to multiple party travel expenses
  • Present exhibits and share annotations
  • Anti-freeze and audio-priority technology
Video Streaming
Our innovative deposition technology provides real-time streaming video and text to laptops, iPads, and many other devices.


Expert Reporting Goes Mobile and Global

  • Stream depositions from anywhere
  • Global, real-time deposition participation
  • Stream video and real-time text
  • Chat privately with team members
  • Convenient options for delayed viewing

24/7 Technology Support

Our videography studio is fully equipped with the latest video production and editing technology, enabling our in-house experts to deliver the highest quality video services and provide 24/7 customer support.

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